One of the world’s most beautiful metals is also one of the rarest, about 100 times more rare than gold. Because platinum is both a vital industrial metal and one with limited sources of supply, it is considered a strategic metal.

The largest known reserves of platinum are found in South Africa, with Russia and Canada also having some of the larger deposits. South Africa accounts for approximately 80% of the world’s platinum supply. Only about six million ounces of platinum are produced by mines every year. That amounts to less than 5% of annual gold production. Platinum is rare.

Well known for its use in fine jewelry, platinum has a variety of strategic applications that add to its universal demand. Important for its catalytic properties, and resistance to corrosion, platinum plays a role in the manufacturing of gasoline, fiberglass and catalytic converters. Growth in platinum consumption worldwide is expected to increase tremendously.

Platinum has established a pattern as an excellent investment vehicle. Although gold and silver are the predominant precious metal holdings, there has been significant increase in platinum investments over the past several years. Rapid demand growth and limited supplies have contributed to platinum’s popularity with investors. Many investors now include platinum in their portfolio.

Facts About Platinum:

  • All of the platinum ever mined would fill a room measuring less than 25 feet on each side. Moreover, above ground supply of platinum could be expected to last about a year, compared to about 25 years for gold.
  • 10 tons of raw ore must be mined to produce one ounce of platinum.
  • Platinum is used in production in one in every five consumer products.
  • Platinum is the rarest of all the precious metals.


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