IRA Investors Increasingly Turning to Precious Metals
With recent changes in tax law, you now have the opportunity to place a wider range of certain approved precious metal coins and bullion in your IRA. Prior to 1998, IRA's were limited to holding American Eagle gold and silver coins. Today, an IRA can hold gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion which meet certain minimum finesse requirements.

Protect your IRA with Precious Metals
Making physical precious metals part of your IRA is a great way to diversify and protect your retirement portfolio. Precious metals are recession-proof investments that are historically proven hedges against negative economic conditions like inflation, war, housing bubbles and taxation. Not only have gold and other precious metals been considered one of the few ways to protect assets from high inflation and economic uncertainty, but precious metals are considered liquid assets, meaning they can readily be converted to cash. 

Physical Storage of Your Precious Metals Investment
Equity Institutional is the IRA administrator Global has selected and is a national leader among IRA custodians that hold precious metals in IRA accounts. As an industry leader Equity Institutional provides services to over 70,000 individuals and businesses nationwide whose assets exceed $4.8 billion. With over 20 years of experience, Equity Institutional expertise makes it easy for you to work with.
Equity Institutional utilizes the precious metals storage services of FideliTrade, Inc., and its depository affiliate, Delaware Depository Service Company for its clients. Each accountholder's coins and bullion are securely stored in an insured, physically segregated account. 

Setting up Your Precious Metals IRA Account is easy...

  • Fill out the Equity Institutional account application and transfer form. This can be obtained from your Independent bullion Dealer. Equity Institutional also offers an On-line Application, through the E-Vantage System, that is useful in expediting the process for the clients convenience.
  • Name Global Asset Management as the Representative for the new account and then fund the account via a direct contribution or roll-over funds from other existing accounts.
  • Upon funding of the account, your bullion dealer will notify you and determine with you which product (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) is optimal for your investment goals.
  • Global then ships the physical product to Equity Institutional's depository affiliate where it is held in an individualized account.
  • Equity Institutional is invoiced by Global for the physical product delivered and your account is debited the invoice amount and credited physical product.
  • Daily valuations are viewable online at and quarterly statements are provided for performance tracking.
  • FideliTrade depository insures client deposits up to $100,000,000.


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