July 22, 2014, 02:59 PM
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By Greg Grillot

Value of Silver vs. Value of the Dollar.
What's Rarer than Gold? (Excerpts)

Do you have  an implicit, unswerving trust in the government-assured value of the dollar? If so, please don't waste your time reading this essay.

But if you have even a sliver of doubt in the ever-dwindling value of fiat currency…if you fear the ravages of inflation…or if you're interested in some non-paper based capital protection and possible appreciation…please read on. You might find a compelling, unique opportunity today.

Value of Silver vs. Value of the Dollar: Now, Trade Your Dollars for Actual Gold and Silver

It's not a stock, ETF, option or futures contract. The possible profits from those investments are real. And, although those profits would derive from special metals – they take value from the market value of a piece of paper. And when you get right down to it, paper make a poor substitute for the real thing. If you can get it, it's even better to to own a real asset – ownership backed by tangible, dense, truly rare precious metals. But first, let's quickly go over the case for gold and silver as money, with particular attention paid to silver.)

Let's start with the dollar's forced debasement. It's the main reason holding a small percentage of your portfolio in real precious metals is not just important, but urgent. Gold and silver protect you against the inevitable decline of hollow paper money. They insure you against inflation. Today, inflation's nearly as certain as death and taxes.

Did you know that today's dollar can only buy about 2% of what it could buy in 1900? Compare that to gold, which today buys 150% of what it could in 1900. So, in roughly a century, gold has catapulted to 75 times as much purchasing power as the dollar.

The government's promise of a stable dollar reeks. Like the breathless pledge of a toothy codger to a hooker. Not sober. Not to be trusted. And it's certainly not something you should rely on for your investment future.

The value of gold and silver does not hinge directly on a promise from a government's central bank. It is not a promise to pay. It's just gold and silver. The real thing. Those precious metals form a safe haven for your wealth, protecting you from the horrors of inflation and the destruction of paper currencies.

In addition to offering unparalleled protection in today's uncertain financial world, gold and silver actually can offer you a powerful opportunity to increase your wealth. You can protect yourself AND profit from the right exposure to these precious metals. It's an excellent combination — killing some of your risk and adding the possibility of gains…

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