12.08.2015 The System Is Starting Its Final Collapse
11.25.2015 From Celebrities To Auctions, Naturally Colored Diamonds Are Making News and Breaking Records
11.23.2015 Abandon ship: Baltic Dry index hits record low
11.11.2015 Pink diamond may sell for $28 million
09.27.2015 INDIA vs COMEX: Physical Silver Demand Will Destroy Paper Rigged Markets
09.22.2015 Caterpillar Retail Sales and the Tale of a Global Depression
09.14.2015 SILVER MARKET OUTBREAK: Surging Physical Demand & Falling Inventories
09.10.2015 The War on Cash Hates Gold: “Experts” Forget Gold Has Outperformed Stocks For 40+ Years
08.27.2015 $2.1 trillion erased from U.S. stocks in 6 days
08.21.2015 The Coming Market Crash will wipe our golbal silver supply
08.11.2015 The Big long - Goldman and HSBC buy 7.1 tons of physical gold
07.27.2015 Texas launches gold-backed bank, challenging Federal Reserve
07.27.2015 Commodities Collapsed just before the last stock market collapse, guess whats happening right now?
07.27.2015 JP Morgan told to raise 12.5 billion more
07.16.2015 China Companies Rush to suspend their shares, 40% of all stocks now in halt
06.30.2015 Greece imposes capitol controls
06.24.2015 The Smart Money just sold the most stocks in history
06.15.2015 World Bank joins IMF in urging fed to delay rate rise until 2016
06.01.2015 Adding some Color to you Portfolio
05.29.2015 Stockman: Stocks and bonds will crash soon
05.29.2015 Bank of America: Markets are in a Twilight Zone and its time to hold more cash and gold
05.19.2015 US Industrial Production weakens for the 5th month
05.05.2015 Retail Sales miss for 4th Month in a row
05.04.2015 VIDEO - Marc Faber - Stocks to fall 40%
04.29.2015 Why is JP Morgan accumulating the biggest stockpile of physical silver in history?
04.27.2015 Skyrocketing Gold and Silver Prices
04.20.2015 Big Money is Prepairing for a Devestating Worldwide Collapse
04.07.2015 Superb Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink Diamond Ring
03.18.2015 Currency Wars threaten Lehman Style Crisis
03.18.2015 Economist Kotlikoff - "Our Country is Broke"
03.09.2015 VIDEO - Alan Greenspan warns stocks are without doubt extremely over valued
03.03.2015 China Plans Yuan - Denominated gold fix in 2015
02.18.2015 Sotheby's Magazine - Across the Spectrum
02.18.2015 Silver will be the best performing asset
01.28.2015 Is the Gold Price about to repeat one
01.12.2015 10 Key Events the Proceeded the last Financial Crisis that are happening again RIGHT NOW!
01.09.2015 VIDEO - Peter Schiff - The  Recovery Created by the FED built on Foundation of QE/Cheap Money

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