12.18.2014 Silver Eagle Sales Hit New Record!
12.08.2014 Guess what happened the Last Time the price of Oil Crashed like this...
12.01.2014 Fancy Colored Diamonds Identified as Stable, High
11.13.2014 Greenspans Stunning Admission - Gold is Currency - No Fiat
11.06.2014 US Mint Temporarily out of Silver Eagles Amid Huge Demand
11.03.2014 Alan Greenspan: QE Failed to help The Economy
10.15.2014 BIS Warns on "Violent Reversal"
10.15.2014 All that is broken with the US Financial System in one Chart
10.02.2014 VIDEO - Were out of the stock Market and Moving Cash to Gold
09.25.2014 Shanghai Silver Stocks continue to fail as Silver Eagle Sales Explode Higher
09.10.2014 This is your Recovery and this is your Recovery without Drugs
08.13.2014 Is Investing in Diamonds only for the Rich?
08.13.2014 Rough Diamond Prices to bounce back in 2014
08.09.2014 VIDEO - Gold Continuing to Outperform Sotck Market
08.09.2014 Fed Plans to End Bond Buying Program
07.22.2014 Value of Silver vs. Value of the Dollar
07.22.2014 Gold, Silver and the US Dollar strengthen on Geopolitical Events
07.21.2014 Three Charts Of The Week: Money Printing Is Not Bringing Prosperity To Main Street
06.25.2014 GDP Disaster: Final Q1 GDP Crashes To – 2.9%, Lowest Since 2009, Far Below the Worst Expectations (Excerpts)
06.20.2014 Gold and Silver Explode Higher! Is it Finally Time to Buy? (Excerpts)
06.13.2014 Rare 123-carat blue diamond unearthed in South Africa
05.09.2014 Collectors Focus on Jewels as Investments
04.29.2014 Silver – The World's Most Undervalued Asset? (Excerpts)
03.28.2014 Silver Eagle Sales Hit New Record In March & Large Comex Silver Withdrawal
03.28.2014 Get ready for stocks to drop 25 percent: Pro
03.24.2014 P.M. Kitco Roundup: Gold Ends Sharply Lower, Hits 4-Week Low, on More Chart-Based Selling
03.24.2014 SWOT Analysis: We're Headed for a Golden Cross
03.23.2014 After The Sell-Off: A Bright Spot For Gold
03.22.2014 Gold-Stock Golden Cross
03.20.2014 Warning: This Year's Spike in Margin Debt Is a Huge Red Flag for the Market
03.14.2014 Eric Sprott - Gold To See Powerful "Golden Cross" Within Days
03.13.2014 Gold, silver charts flashing 'buy' signals
02.17.2014 Gold & Silver To Torture Shorts As Historic Advances Continue
02.13.2014 Why silver still shines out as the best investment of 2014 but advisers hate to recommend it
01.21.2014 Rare, prized blue diamond found in mine in South Africa
01.20.2014 Turk – The Silver Spike Is Going To Shock The World In 2014 Final
01.18.2014 "Gold Is Now a Better Value Than It's Been for a Decade"

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