12.08.2011 Global diamond demand predicted to nearly double by end of decade, according to new wide-ranging Bain & Company report
09.16.2011 Diamonds a best friend for investor
09.06.2011 Why Diamonds May Be An Investing Gem
07.08.2011 Diamond prices bounce back 40 pct, tempt investors
06.08.2011 Three Reasons Why Gold is Going to Have a Big Summer
06.04.2011 Seven Reasons to Buy Silver This Year
05.26.2011 Why Gold Is Going Higher
05.26.2011 Stephen Leeb - Silver Should Be $150 Today
05.24.2011 Embry - Silver Market Extraordinarily Tight, Look for $125
05.13.2011 Slide in silver prices could be short-lived - Dillon Gage
05.12.2011 Robin Griffiths - Silver Could Eclipse $450, Gold $12,000
05.02.2011 Understanding where we are in the Silver Bull Market
03.31.2011 Utah Approves Gold, Silver as Legal Tender
03.29.2011 Stephenson: Silver will be trade of the decade
03.28.2011 Gold's Hyperbolic Trajectory
03.26.2011 China's Central Bank Recommends Gold for "Value Preservation"
03.24.2011 Gold Trades Near Record on Europe Debt Risk; Silver Reaches 31-Year Peak
03.22.2011 Perils of holding cash - gold and silver seen as far superior
03.22.2011 Long-Term Trend for Gold and Silver is Intact
02.16.2011 China Gold Demand Growing at "Explosive" Pace: ICBC
02.08.2011 China’s Appetite for Gold Continues to Grow
02.07.2011 Investors Have $102 Billion Bet on Gold, Silver Gains
02.07.2011 Gold, Silver Prices Struggle for Momentum
02.05.2011 Venezuela’s Gold Reserves Rise 12%, Reserves Abroad Fall 37%
01.26.2011 A decade of gaining 18% a year - some 'relic'
01.24.2011 Gold to Benefit as Currency Woes Continue
01.14.2011 Palladium to rally 24% as Russia May Limit Supply, Ikemizu Says
01.13.2011 Silver: From $30/oz to over $500 by 2020
01.10.2011 There Is No Getting Around Gold
01.10.2011 New Years Resoultions For Your Gold Portfolio
01.08.2011 Vegas' Newest Gimmick: ATM That Dispenses Gold  
12.22.2010 Gregory Marshall, CEO of Global Asset Management, recaps how gold and other metals performed in 2010 and offers his view of 2011
12.10.2010 $6,000 Silver and One Bank
12.10.2010 Palladium Price Poised to Soar!!!
12.09.2010 Keep your appraisals, insurance on fine jewelry up to date, Glowing in value

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