12.22.2010 Gregory Marshall, CEO of Global Asset Management, recaps how gold and other metals performed in 2010 and offers his view of 2011
12.10.2010 $6,000 Silver and One Bank
12.10.2010 Palladium Price Poised to Soar!!!
12.09.2010 Keep your appraisals, insurance on fine jewelry up to date, Glowing in value
11.10.2010 Gold Prices Settle Below $1,400 on the Comex
11.09.2010 Gold Will Hit $1,500
11.08.2010 Special Report: Analysts - World Bank President Comments Could Lift Gold Prices Higher Eventually
11.08.2010 A Global Gold Standard?
11.05.2010 Spot Gold Prices: Headed Higher?
11.01.2010 FED Easing May Mean 20% Dollar Drop: Bill Gross
10.31.2010 Class Action Lawsuits Charge JPMorgan Chase and HSBC with Manipulation of Silver Futures Markets
10.31.2010 Silver is the Precious Metal of Choice
10.31.2010 2010 Silver Piedfort Maple Leaf Coin Sells Out, Set Remains
10.26.2010 Manipulation or Not, Is Silver a Smart Investment?
10.26.2010 Gold: Further To Run?
10.21.2010 A Russian State Secret May Push Palladium’s Price To $1,000
10.21.2010 Want to Invest in Gold? You Have Options
10.20.2010 A Precious Metal That Trumps Gold
10.15.2010 FOCUS: Pension funds venture cautiously into commodities, Gold
10.08.2010 Savers eager to beat inflation trade their cash for silver
09.01.2010 Ron Paul questions whether there's gold at Fort Knox, NY Fed
08.31.2010 Gold Rallying to $1,500 as Soros's Bubble Inflates
08.27.2010 Gold Demand to Soar in Vietnam as 'Shelter' From Devaluations, Stock Slump
08.10.2010 Buffett Shortens Bond-Holding Duration After Inflation Warning
06.28.2010 Gold on brink of parabolic move?
06.23.2010 Why Many Analysts See Gold Going As High As $10,000
06.22.2010 Saudi Arabia's Gold Reserve Doubles
06.21.2010 Gold Rises to a Record on Buying From Investors Seeking to Protect Wealth
06.12.2010 Demand for bullion puts strain on vaults
06.12.2010 Growing demand for bullion hands banks golden opportunity in storage
06.02.2010 US Mint Out of Not Only Silver But Gold American Eagles as Well
05.12.2010 International Forecaster May 2010 - Gold, Silver, Economy + More
04.25.2010 Buying Silver to Hedge Inflation and a Bond Crisis
04.11.2010 Gold Set to Re-Test All Time High of USD 1,225 in Coming Weeks
03.29.2010 Golden Times at Royal Canadian Mint
03.23.2010 U.S. Dollar to feel more heat
03.08.2010 GATA Claims To Have Evidence Of "Massive Physical Short Gold And Silver Positions That Can Not Be Covered"
02.03.2010 El-Erian Says Retreat in Stocks Will Worsen As Economy Slumps
02.02.2010 Silver: Room for Growth
02.02.2010 UK's Royal Mint Doubles Production of Gold Coins
01.11.2010 Gold and Silver Expectations in 2010 and Beyond
01.04.2010 The Simplest Reason Gold Will Soar
01.04.2010 Easy Dollars vs. Easy Silver: Profiting from Obama's Inflation
01.04.2010 All I Really Need to Know About Money, I Learned From a Silver Dime

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