12.30.2009 Gold and Silver to Explode with Treasury Issuance in 2010
12.29.2009 Gold Marks 10 Stellar Years
12.17.2009 Silver Set to Soar as It did in the 1970s
12.15.2009 Gold to Reach $1,500 before end-H 2010 as Fund, official investors diversify
12.01.2009 A Run on the Dollar Starts Soon
12.01.2009 Dubai crisis gives China chance to buy oil, gold: report
12.01.2009 U.S. Mint halts gold coins' sales
11.22.2009 Russian central bank buys another 15.5t of gold in October, becomes 8th-largest holder
11.04.2009 Spot gold hits fresh all-time peak on IMF gold sales
11.04.2009 Spot gold extends gains to new record high of $1,086.50/oz
10.31.2009 Gold to climb to around $1,250 by Dec, new investment products to underpin price - analysts
10.31.2009 Investment In Gold, Silver As Hedge Up Five-fold
10.28.2009 Bottom in for the Dollar?
10.27.2009 What impact will the decline in paper currencies have on gold?
10.17.2009 Gold rush: Keep an eye on China, dollar movements
10.17.2009 What gold's bull run tells us
10.06.2009 A Bull in a Silver Shop
10.06.2009 International Forecaster October 2009 (#1) - Gold, Silver, Economy + More
10.05.2009 The Silver Shortage Will Come
10.05.2009 The Tiny $0.001 Trillion Silver Market
10.01.2009 The No. 1 Way to Profit When Silver Upstages Gold
10.01.2009 Preserve Your Wealth with Precious Metals
09.10.2009 Gold to maintain upward momentum on combination of bullish factors
09.10.2009 Inflation concerns to drive gold price as high as $1,200/oz next year - UBS
09.10.2009 Gold price will trend higher - American Precious Metals
09.03.2009 International Forecaster September 2009 - Gold, Silver, Economy + More
08.20.2009 China Encourages Silver Bullion for Investment
08.20.2009 China Is About to Buy a lot More Silver
08.19.2009 Inflation could force gold to be new global currency
08.19.2009 The Greenback Effect
08.10.2009 Inflation could force gold to be new global currency
08.10.2009 Why Gold Investing is Crucial
08.10.2009 Silver Update
08.05.2009 History In The Making
08.05.2009 Bob Prechter: Gold is Still Money
08.05.2009 Indicators suggest gold poised for big breakout by end Q3
08.05.2009 Gold and Silver: The Only Attractive Investment Option
08.05.2009 Bob Chapman on gold, silver, a bank holiday and the monetary elite<
08.05.2009 Precious metals keep surging on plunging dollar, gold hits 8-week highs
07.28.2009 U.S. Rescue May Reach $23.7 Trillion, Barofsky Says
07.24.2009 Gartman Tells Investors to Buy Gold
07.24.2009 Swiss Banks Running Out of Storage Space for Gold
07.24.2009 China May Overtake India in Gold Demand, Council Says
07.24.2009 Gold Rises to Five-Week High as Dollar Eases; Silver Climbs
06.11.2009 Russia, Brazil Plan to Buy $20 Billion IMF Bonds
06.04.2009 Bear Market Rally?
06.04.2009 Northwestern Mutual Makes First Gold Buy in 152 Years
05.26.2009 Will Gold Pass $1,000 An Ounce Next Week?<
05.26.2009 Spot Silver breaks to nine-month best, tracks Gold as US credit concerns spark safe-haven buying
05.22.2009 Dollar Slips Beyond $1.40 per Euro for First Time Since January<
05.22.2009 Bonds plunge as U.S. assets come under pressure
05.21.2009 Russia adds six tonnes to gold reserves in April
05.21.2009 Standard Chartered Recommends Gold, Silver for Top Banking Clients
05.21.2009 Gold Demand Surges 38% on Investment, Council Says
05.07.2009 Another Bottom for Stocks Coming: Rogers
05.07.2009 Is Silver The New Magic Bullet for Investors?
05.07.2009 Warren Buffett's good news for gold
04.27.2009 China Admits to Building up Stockpile of Gold
04.27.2009 Gold & Silver: Why London Bullion Market is Booming
04.22.2009 Jim Rogers radio interview
04.21.2009 Gold to Hit New Record in Coming Months, May Exceed $1,100/oz on Investment Boom – GFMS
04.20.2009 China Takes a Small Step Away from the Dollar
04.20.2009 Inflation to Come
04.20.2009 U.S. Stocks, Oil Retreat as Dollar, Treasury Bonds Advance
04.02.2009 Silver and Gold New Rally Underway
03.20.2009 Gold Soars Most in Six Months as Dollar Drops; Silver Climbs
03.20.2009 Gold surges as Fed embarks on huge quantitave easing, dollar nosedives 
03.13.2009 Gold ETFs buying an ‘early stage mania’, will push prices to record highs in one month – UBS
03.12.2009 UBS suggests gold has potential US$2,500/oz upside
03.06.2009 New Gold and Silver charts
03.04.2009 Demand for gold soared in 2008
03.02.2009 Silver Beats Gold for First Time Since 2006 on Refuge
03.02.2009 Gold Set To Rise To Record $1,200/oz As Central Bank Supplies Dwindle On Fear Of Contagion
02.24.2009 Gold Declines in London as Equities Rise, May Test $1,000 Again
02.24.2009 Insight: Gold primed to be ‘mania asset’
02.20.2009 European silver coin demand outpaces gold as economic insecurity underpins...
02.12.2009 Long-Term Trend in Investment Demand for Silver
02.12.2009 Precious metals rocket higher on fund buying amid bullish sentiment
02.04.2009 Bullion demand remains rampant; bets on bank failures, new price record for gold
01.30.2009 Gold Jumps as Government Spending Boosts Inflation-Hedge Demand
01.30.2009 International Forecaster January 2009 (#7) - Gold, Silver, Economy + More
01.23.2009 Swiss National Bank action to support gold as safe haven – Gartman
01.15.2009 Making Money in Troubled Times
01.15.2009 Silver Price Demonstrates Solid Strength in 2008
01.09.2009 Five New Forces to Drive Gold Higher
01.09.2009 Merrill Lynch Says Rich Turning to Gold Bars for Safety
01.07.2009 Pellegrini, Paulson Ex-Manager, Shuns Stocks in 2009

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