12.31.2008 A Rush on Gold in Tough Times
12.31.2008 Gold and Silver in 2008
12.31.2008 Vaporize COMEX
12.19.2008 With Rates Near 0%, Dollar is Dumped
12.17.2008 Do Not Wait Now to Buy Silver and Gold - This is the Breakout
12.05.2008 Cure for Inflation? The Printing Press
12.04.2008 UN team warns of hard landing for dollar
12.01.2008 Gold Likely To Hit "North Of $2000" - Citi Strategist
11.28.2008 Citigroup says gold could rise to above $2,000 next year as world unravels
11.26.2008 Gold will hit $1,200 in 2009
11.24.2008 Raiders of the Last Armory
11.24.2008 What's Really Happening in the Physical Gold and Silver Markets
11.24.2008 Peter Schiff Schools CNBC
11.17.2008 Dollar's Days Numbered; Buy Commodities: Jim Rogers
11.14.2008 Cost of the Crisis: A Much Weaker Dollar
11.05.2008 More signs of a Silver shortage
10.28.2008 Is This the Gold Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime?
10.27.2008 The Bet That Blew Up Wall Street
10.24.2008 Gold and Silver prices reach a major tipping point
10.13.2008 Gold will thrive on Dollar flight
10.10.2008 True value of gold is '$2,000 an ounce'
10.09.2008 Gold Crisis and Inflation Hedge Expected to Outperform Crude Oil
10.08.2008 An Exceptional Opportunity
10.03.2008 As crisis grows, investors look to Gold
10.03.2008 Central banks favor Gold as crisis unfolds
10.01.2008 High wealth investors demand unprecedented gold volumes
09.29.2008 Gold upbeat as investors rush for safety, dollar strength ignored
09.29.2008 Private banks rethinking gold, seen big buyers
09.29.2008 Investment demand to keep silver market strong over the next decade
09.24.2008 Gold jumps on US inflation risks
09.24.2008 Gold May Regain Luster for World's Central Banks
09.24.2008 Cramer: Sell, Sell, Sell
09.23.2008 Volatile gold benefits from weak dollar, PGMs extend gains
09.23.2008 The "Mother of All Bailouts"
09.22.2008 Gold Price Spike Breakout or Tempoary?
09.22.2008 Silver and palladium swing higher as dollar outlook dims on US deficit concerns
09.22.2008 Gold May Rise for Second Straight Week on Demand for Haven
09.19.2008 Dennis Gartman `Joining the Gold Bugs' on Outlook for Inflation
09.19.2008 Citigroup metals analysts ask why gold is not already at $2,000/oz
09.17.2008 Gold Soars Most Since 1999, Silver Surges on Demand for Haven
09.15.2008 Now buy gold and silver to profit from the Wall Street crash
09.15.2008 Run on precious metals draining some refineries
09.15.2008 UAE- Mad rush for gold as prices dip
09.08.2008 Indian gold imports jump 45% as lower prices fuel demand
08.29.2008 UBS urges clients to buy gold- we already are say investors
08.29.2008 Gold recovers one-third of "summer slump"; No new mining supply below $1,200 per Oz.
08.27.2008 Sean Rakhimov: "Three-Digit Silver Ahead"
08.27.2008 Gold Advances on Investor Demand for Haven, Falling U.S. Dollar
08.27.2008 Gold regains 12,000 level on firm global trends
08.26.2008 Gold climbs on demand for inflation hedge as energy costs rise
08.18.2008 Gold climbs back above $800 an ounce
08.11.2008 Gold to reach $1,000 by the end of third quarter 2008 - Credit Suisse
07.15.2008 Gold flies higher as dollar plunges to record lows
07.14.2008 Gold Jumps to Highest in Three Months on Risk of Attack on Iran
06.26.2008 Gold Futures Surge Most in 16 Months on Inflation
06.25.2008 Buffett Says He's Concerned About U.S. Inflation, Stagnation
06.20.2008 Breakout!
06.20.2008 October Surprise? In June?
06.19.2008 Gold May Rise to $5,000 on Inflation, Schroder Says (Update1)
06.19.2008 Lieberman For Gold!
05.08.2008 Gold price to hit $1600 this year
05.06.2008 "Super-Spike" Could Lift Oil to $200: Goldman
04.23.2008 Gold May Climb for Six Years, TheBullionDesk.com Says (Update1)
04.09.2008 Investors' craze for gold to send prices to new records above $1,100 in 2008 - GFMS
04.09.2008 Gold regains breath, will return to explosive growth
03.25.2008 Precious metals advance further as dollar crashes on negative data
03.14.2008 Gold's Standard: $1,000
03.03.2008 At 27-Year Highs, Silver Outshines Gold
03.03.2008 Gold steps up a gear as $1000 comes within reach, where next?C
02.21.2008 Fears of Stagflation Return As Price Increases Gain Pace
02.12.2008 Weak Dollar Helps Lift Metals
01.31.2008 Subprime, CDO Bank Losses May Exceed $265 Billion (Update5)
01.29.2008 Where The World's Wealth Is Stored
01.25.2008 Gold Outlook Strong As Global Credit Crisis Worsens
01.25.2008 Silver climbs along with gold to hit fresh 27-year highs
01.22.2008 The Coming Investment Boom in Silver
01.15.2008 The word on the Street is stagflation
01.09.2008 Precious metals rocket higher on fund buying amid bullish sentiment
01.03.2008 Analysts forecast silver prices in the $15-30/oz range
01.03.2008 Gold hedges against stock market -- Include in portfolio

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